Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guangzhou - China - English version

I reached my final destination. The city of Guangzhou which is south of China near Hong Kong. The journey here was very quick, about 35 minutes.

Upon landing at the airport had to pass through immigration, so far no problem, alright. Just up here!

By going through the x-ray, the police told me to open and remove everything, just everything that was inside of my two bags of 30kg (detail), I did what she asked of course. By removing the things in the suitcase police saw my book and asked what it would be. I replied that it was a gift he was bringing to give to a friend of mine here in China and showed my passport stating that he would be attached to one month here. Then she let me go, who said that only my suitcase shut again? It was a sacrifice, I lost about 40 minutes in this function to explain what I came here to do!

After that we went to the landing area, where the agency's staff was waiting for me. I encounter a big sign written LUCCAS - BRAZIL! haha. The guy who was waiting for me is a kind of agency does everything ... comedy, totally lost, do not speak a word of English, all the time on the phone had to write in english and he translated into chinese ... hahahaha.
We went directly to the apartment, arrived exhausted, because adding up all hours of the airport and flying should take about 2 days ... Well then I take a shower and lie down because it was late and I needed to sleep in a bed ... My roommate helped me with luggage!
Woke up very well the other day, I talked to my roommate, his name Justin, born in the United States, good people a lot, stayed a while exchanging ideas and such.
Later I went to the agency to know the staff and such, all is well. There were other models out there, I greet them and a guy came speaking Portuguese. It was the Brazilian who is also a model, and Colorado Gaucho, Philip Heck, parceirão as hell too!
Guangzhou brings me many good memories, besides the Brennus who lived with me in Sao Paulo was a time in this town too, ie ... it was almost a family!

We left very, Saizeriya, parks, sometimes a clubs ... castings, work ... everything. Very nice city, despite being one of the most polluted in the world.

Here take this opportunity to make an extra special thanks to Justin, Felipe, Kaluah, Breno, Gustavo, Thyddi and that helped me there too. They're friends who want to take for the rest of my life, I was there with them at home ... but it was not long, but when people are good natured one month is enough to notice. Thanks guys!
It's bad to go to a place that is very familiar and very familiar, but it is part, going after the jobs and not people!

The trickiest part of all this, within moments of happiness and just ... could not stop thinking about Bruna. Hmmm, very complicated in the distance, yet we talked almost every day ... MSN, Skype, thanks to mobile technology ... she could feel closer to me, because in Sao Paulo were living together, which further strengthened our relationship and very close. I can not say how many times I thought about going back ... but as it is coming also makes no sense I get back, just got here ... this happened in the moments of depre ... hehe.

I thank my agency Premier Models Mgt by total support me in my transition from city, it was all in a clear and fast.

Well, next destination Hangzhou ... about 40 minutes shagnhai, the city with the largest population in the world ... About 20 million people, twice as many people who live in Sao Paulo!

Next topic Hangzhou! See you!
Luccas De Capra

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